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AFLA 2020 Sessions

AFLA NextGen
2020 Virtual Corporate Fleet Conference
North American Best Practices & Benchmarking Conference
October 5-7, 2020


Monday, October 5

10:15 AM | Keynote - Building a Focused and Productive Team in Turbulent Times

Curt Steinhorst

In "Building a Focused and Productive Team in Turbulent Times," attention expert Curt Steinhorst introduces leaders to the critical lens of focus and attention by helping you understand the science of how the brain works as well as the practical wisdom and essential tools required to build mastery level teams.
In this one-hour session, Curt will equip leaders to:

  • Eliminate the hidden and costly distractions that destroy productivity
  • Clearly communicate what your team needs to know now
  • Conduct more effective virtual meetings
  • Build a team alliance that prioritizes the important work
  • Create a space to think and unlock innovation

A must-hear talk for these times, Curt shares insights garnered from years of advising some of the world's top leaders, CEOs, athletes, and entrepreneurs on how to create focused and successful teams. Every leader will leave the session equipped to build resilient teams and to respond to rapid change with the speed and efficiency that only comes from focused attention.

Curt Steinhorst loves attention. More precisely, he loves the science of attention. He is the author of the bestselling book, Can I Have Your Attention?, and is a regular Forbes contributor on Leadership Strategy. He coaches founders and CEOs of multibillion-dollar brands on how to capture and keep the attention of their internal and external audiences. The consultancy he founded, Focuswise, helps organizations develop focused and productive cultures. Speaking, training, and consulting with such a diverse set of organizations has given him and his team the opportunity to explore what works, and how we can focus on what matters in the age of constant distraction. Clients include Southwest Airlines, JPMorgan, Allstate, Marriott, the Naval Academy, and even Taylor Swift’s record label.


11:15 AM | Session - Learn from Drivers

Panel: Ellen Kirbo, Travis Bielawski and Sam Wright

Moderator: Jeff Lucas

We make decisions on what vehicle to put on the road, what equipment, best policies to reach our goals, but how do we better engage with the drivers of our vehicles for better results? Do they know our goals? Do they know how they can influence those goals and results? Hear directly from our drivers as they discuss what we “don’t get”, the use of mobile tools and their favorite thing about their vehicle - as well as what we might do differently.


12:30 PM | Session - Benefits of Promoting Work/Life Balance in this Environment

Lisa Sorenson
Element Fleet Management, VP, Talent & Advisory Executive - People Performance and Culture

Work-life balance is one of the top priorities to attract and retain younger workers, and one of the most desired among existing workers.  Join Lisa Sorenson, VP of Talent & Advisory at Element Fleet Management, as she reviews the top trends progressive employers are using to support better work/life balance for their employees. 


12:45 PM | Session - Privacy and Data

Panel: Jason Jones, Katie Keeton, Dirk Schlimm and Jonathan Silber

Moderator: Brice Dobson

When is your data not your own? How do you navigate growing privacy regulations? These are just two of the questions our experts will cover related to this increasingly important topic. We will also address how GDPR and California privacy regulations impact your fleet and what to know about wiping a vehicle of personal history prior to selling, reassigning or pool sharing. You do not want to miss this discussion on best practices and how to stay informed.


1:30 PM | WIFM Session - Leading Change with Emotional Intelligence 

Lisa Panarello

Moderator: Angela Gregorowicz

Demanding customers, difficult bosses, complainers, naysayers, aggressors, slackers; the list goes on. We can’t always just walk away. People matter, in life and business. Today more than ever! Stress, looming deadlines, drastic work shifts. We can’t just walk away; money matters. So how can you deal with challenging individuals and situations, get your job done, and sleep well at night? The answer: Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Why bother with EI? Compared to 33 other workplace skills, emotional intelligence has been found to be the best predictor of performance and explained 58% of success in all types of jobs, particularly sales and leadership roles. On a personal level, improving your EI can reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and boost happiness. That’s a win-win-win!

What’s at the heart of EI? Your history. We all come to the table with our own set of beliefs, circumstances, and filters through which we view the world. Your biases (yes, you have them!), affects how you think, respond, and make decisions—and impacts others.

Want to influence change? Generate better business outcomes? Motivate teams? Advance your career? Learn the fundamentals of EI. In this talk, Lisa will share simple, yet powerful techniques for understanding and fortifying your emotional intelligence skills, so you can create the reality you want!

Lisa Panarello is the founder and CEO of Careers Advance. With more than 15 years of experience in professional development, she is regarded for training specialties in emotional intelligence, leadership savvy, workplace communication, career planning, personal branding, and public speaking.

She is certified in EI, Behaviors and Driving Forces with TTI™ and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from Baruch College. Her corporate background extends 12 years in diverse industries and functions, including money market brokerage, publishing, sales and marketing, retail operations, and project management.


Tuesday, October 6

10:00 AM | Keynote - Drive Growth and Innovation

Lisa Bodell

Unleash Innovation. Revolutionize how you think and work. Embrace change and challenge the status quo to drive real transformation.

The fate of Kodak and Blockbuster are evidence that no matter how popular or beloved your brand, its survival depends on your ability to innovate. From CEO and TED-talk veteran Lisa Bodell, you’ll learn how to survive by strategically challenging the status quo and building change from the middle out. Objectively analyze your entire business to identify external threats as well as internal weaknesses—and solve for them. By killing your own company, you'll teach teams how to better pivot, deal with wildcards, and proactively embrace change. 

Lisa Bodell is a global leader on behavior change, whose skill-building firm has transformed hundreds of thousands of employees from Fortune 500 companies by showing them how to eliminate the complexity that holds them back and get to the work that matters.

Her talks offer a roadmap to eradicate the workplace complexity that is killing organizations’ ability to be agile, fast and innovative. In order to experience this trifecta of competitive advantage, organizations must embrace simplicity as a basic operating principle, and Lisa’s content and energy move them to action.


11:00 PM | Session - Electrification

Panel: Sharon Etherington, Sila Kiliccote, Scott Miller and Matt Stover

Moderator: Sara Sweeney

Electric cars have been in the industry for decades and no doubt will continue to become more prominent in commercial fleets. There are many misconceptions regarding electric vehicles, but what are the realities? Join us as we learn about the actual range and battery life of electric cars, the plans for a charging infrastructure and total costs of sustainability. Plus, how to make the internal business case to get buy-in from decision makers.

12:00 PM | Session - Reboot Your Development: Learning to Thrive in a Virtual Environment

Jessica Carleton
Learning & Development Specialist, ARI

COVID-19 has presented immeasurable challenges to businesses, communities, families and individuals. It's okay to recognize that it's been hard on all of us. This session not only acknowledges that, but also provides specific strategies and tools to manage stress and, ultimately, to thrive in our new, virtual world. 

In this informative and interactive session, learn new tools to un-pause your development and enhance your productivity in key ways:

  • Outward Development:
    • Networking and Boundary Spanning
    • Collaboration
  • Inward Development:
    • Recalibrating your Goals
    • Managing Stress

Session sponsored by ARI


2:30 PM | Session - Balance Mobility Driver Satisfaction

Panel: Henry A. Kayler and Barkha Dhandha

Moderator: Peter Nogalo

Pre COVID-19, many fleets were looking at the future of their fleets and how mobility/shared vehicles may work within their fleets. During the pandemic, some of these ideas have paused as people are not comfortable with sharing a vehicle or different mode of transportation. But instead of pausing during this time, let’s use it to think about how to incorporate shared/pool vehicles, while also ensuring our driver’s productivity and satisfaction, within the frame of our corporate goals. This session will discuss readiness assessment and what this transition may look like for your fleet.


Wednesday, October 7

10:00 AM | Session - Ask the Industry

Moderator: Mike Antich

This is your session. An expert panel will be chosen based on the topics you request, so make sure to answer the following question when you register: What is your greatest challenge that you would like the industry panel to address?

12:00 PM | Keynote - The 5 Mindsets of Innovation

Josh Linkner

How did an oddball idea save the cattle industry over $1 billion? How did a large hotel chain create a new revenue stream and drive competitive differentiation without investing a penny? How did the leaders of a small organization stave off a near-certain extinction, even when they were overwhelmingly outmatched by a powerful enemy?

Each mindset is reinforced through surprising, real-world examples, laugh out loud moments, and practical takeaways. The five mindsets are portable and can be applied immediately to any role, job function, or industry. This memorable session will leave you inspired, moved, and better equipped.

Josh Linkner is a creative troublemaker. He started his career as a jazz guitarist and then went on to become the founder and CEO of five tech companies, which sold for a combined value of over $200 million. He is also a deeply experienced business leader, venture capitalist, top-rated keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and professional jazz guitarist. He is a world-renowned expert on innovation, disruption, and hyper-growth leadership.



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