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September 17-20, 2017 - M Resort & Spa Casino


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Sessions and Speaker Bios


Sunday, September 17

4:30 PM | WIFM Session
Outsmart Your Unconscious Bias - Kathleen Nalty

Despite our best intentions, research shows we all have it – unconscious, unintentional bias. Scientists estimate that 80% or more of our thinking happens outside our conscious awareness. Unconscious attitudes and beliefs are shaped by all kinds of influences – some of which we wouldn’t agree with or accept on a conscious level. Yet, these unconscious thoughts leak into our decision-making and can have a profound impact in the workplace as well as business decisions and relationships. The key is to learn how to recognize our own unconscious biases as well as practical ways to interrupt those biases so we can make better decisions and serve customers and clients more effectively. 

Kathleen Nalty is President of her own consulting company. She is a nationally-recognized expert in strategies for creating cultures of inclusion to retain and advance diverse talent, particularly in legal organizations. She specializes in helping organizations identify systemic issues that cause higher attrition rates for people in already underrepresented groups. Kathleen has devoted her entire career to her passion for diversity, civil rights, and inclusion. She founded the Center for Legal Inclusiveness (CLI) in Denver, Colorado and led the nonprofit as its Executive Director from October 2007 through January 2013. In this role, Kathleen developed the only “how to” manual for legal organizations that has a comprehensive step-by-step process for removing hidden barriers to retention and creating an inclusive workplace.


Monday, September 18

1:00 PM | Leadership - Roxanne Emmerich

This session will discuss why almost every business is ‘dead wrong’ with their approach to motivating employees. Specifically, are your people bringing all of their passion, commitment, skills and enthusiasm to the workplace every day? Do you need a way to bring together your fragmented teams to work for one larger vision? Are dysfunctional viruses such as whining, gossip and sabotage contaminating the spirit of winning you want to create?

Roxanne Emmerich® is America's most sought-after workplace transformation expert. Roxanne's new book Thank God It's Monday!® reached and maintained its position as #1 on Amazon's business bestseller list and made the Wall Street Journal's best seller list—all in the first week of its release. As President and CEO of The Emmerich Group, Inc.® she has consulted and spoken to most of the financial institutions in the top one percent of performance, as well as clients like Merck, Pfizer, Allianz, Lockheed Martin and hundreds of other leaders in almost every industry. Roxanne was inducted into the National Speaker Hall of Fame for her impact and quantifiable effectiveness.


2:00 PM | Deconstructing the Lease - Shawn Halladay

Join AFLA for an in-depth look at trac leases from an economic, accounting and tax perspective, including the impact of the new lease accounting rules on trac leases.  Learn the benefits and consequences of trac leases, how the trac lease compares to other sources of fleet financing, the trac variations, and the current and future trac marketplace.

Shawn Halladay has over 35 years of experience in the equipment and fleet leasing industry. He has trained and consulted with most of the major truck and automotive captive finance companies, along with numerous fleet lessors. Halladay had provided his service in over 25 countries, has written 8 textbooks on leasing and has authored over 40 article on the subject. He holds a BS in accounting and an MBA and bring an auditor/CPA perspective to his engagements. Halladay also serves on several committees of the Equipment Lease and Finance Association. 


3:15 PM | 5 Trends of the Fleet Industry

Panelists: Bernie Kavanagh, Paul Millington, Mike Antich, Chris Stites, Bill Powell
Moderator: Matt Betz

This year's 5 trends session will focus on the topics of Fuel, Predictive Analytics, Mobility, Negligent Entrustment and Data Privacy.


4:15 PM | The Connected Economy -Seth Mattison

A values shift in our culture has collided with rapid technological advancement to create one of the most transformative trends in modern society: the sharing economy. The traditional "American Dream" was heavily based on ownership. Owning land, owning a home, owning a car. Today, consumers value access over ownership and technology has made it possible to build trust between strangers en masse. Explore how new technology platforms transform who we trust, what we value and how we work. Attendees will learn the ways "The Sharing Economy" impacts who we trust, what we value and how we work. 


Tuesday, September 19

8:15 AM | Lease Accounting Standards - Shlomo Crandus & Brad Howatt


9:30 AM | Talent Management - Walter Bond

Explore why retaining talent and creating achievable succession plans are vital parts of success in the business world. We will also share how to turn a group of individuals into a single high-performing unit. Walter will share stories, lessons and the type of motivation that sparks superstars. 

After several stellar high-school seasons, Walter Bond earned a scholarship on the University of Minnesota basketball team. As an average college player who was overlooked by the NBA, Walter tapped into a peak performance mindset, changed his work ethic, and found himself a professional NBA basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks. Now retired from the NBA, Walter Bond shares stories, lessons, and motivation that spark superstars to success, moves middle players into action, and excites attendees to come back for more. 


10:30 AM | Safety Best Practices

Panelists: Abe Stephenson, Cindy Fraley, Nikith Rajendran
Moderator: Janice Sutton

This panel discussion will cover the  topics of technology, Driver Behavior, Collision Rates, Data and Benchmarking, Measurement and Analytics, Role of Leasing Company, Role of Telematics, OEMs, and Preventive Maintenance/Field Inspections from a safety perspective.

Wednesday, September 20

8:30 AM | Work Culture - Larry Johnson

 This session will show the advantages and limitations of perks and benefits and also share ways to build morale and increase excitement. Larry Johnson will use his down-to-earth, humor-packed delivery to increase productivity, spur innovation, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce employee turnover.

Larry Johnson has over 25 year of experience helping organizations build more productive and profitable working cultures through the development of strong leaders and dedicated employees. Larry is the co-author of the highly acclaimed, top-selling business ethics book, Absolute Honesty: Building A Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk And Rewards Integrity. Larry has eight years of real life experience as a manager in health care, three years as a manager in city government, and 26 years as president of his own consulting firm.


9:45 AM | The Future of Mobility - Lukas Neckermann

This session with provide an overview of three key changes impacting the automotive industry, including the impact of urbanization and consequences for fleets. We will also provide an outlook on changes expected over the next 5-10 years impacting the industry. 

Lukas Neckermann is a strategic advisor, entrepreneur, ex-insurance company director, and - most importantly - a car guy. With his ears close to the ground, his eyes focused on the future, and a sharp mind and pen, Lukas keenly analyzes developments in the automotive industry for a wider impact on the world.


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